A Toreson Industries Property
                       Our Support Services

    We have a team of experts to assist you in establishing your operation in the Lincoln Business Center.   Or, we can take total responsibility to deliver a custom, full turnkey business operation for you, including the: establishment of your legal business entity; facility design and construction; equipment procurement and installation; and staff acquisition and training of your staff.   We will then turn over the operating business to you and continue to assist you if you desire. 

            Our capabilities include: 

·         Architecture and Design 
·         Facilities Construction 
·         Equipment Sourcing  
·         Staff Sourcing 
·         Staff Training 
·         Plant Management 
·         Project Management 
·         Immigration and Business Law

        If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to own and manage a business, we can help you establish your own business, or acquire a business operation that will provide you profits and the ability to participate in our Investor Visa business program. 

            To ensure the sucess of our service contracts they will be managed by our founder, Mr. James S. Toreson.     His background can be reviewed in the following documents:

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