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Pioneer Territory


Recreation Areas


        The Lincoln Business Center is near the center of Nevada’s “Pioneer Territory,” which is billed as “one gigantic open air museum that captures the essence and flavor of the Silver State’s colorful boom and bust mining history.” The expanse, beauty, nature, and history of this area affords the residents a rural, “back-to-nature” lifestyle, free from the stressful world of urban living and full of recreational opportunities ranging from relaxing scenic tours to the adventures of exploring the wilderness.

        No asphalt jungle, congestion, pollution, or crime here, just peacefulness, a mild, dry climate, and unsurpassed clean air, complemented by a 360 degree view of beautiful mountains; breathtaking star filled night skies, and striking sunsets. The day and night skies are ever changing, beautiful and intriguing….the night skies offer the stargazer striking views that include the Milky Way, which cannot be seen by two thirds of Americans!  slide show of the area 

        By the time you complete the short drive to from Las Vegas to Lincoln Estates you will have passed through several scenic places including wilderness areas, wildlife refuges, lakes, and open ranges. The beauty and expansiveness of this experience will relax you and melt away the stresses of urban living. Once you arrive in the high-desert of the Lincoln Business Center you will notice a refreshing change in climate with cooler temperatures and unsurpassed air quality. Soon after your arrival, you will start to understand the benefits of the rural lifestyle and begin your journey “back to nature.”


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