A Toreson Industries Property

      We Are Located in Beautiful Rural Nevada


(to Las Vegas)

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                            “The Rural Advantage”

        Nevada has a world-wide reputation for its business friendliness, especially its incentives and low taxes.    That's why many companies have located an operation here.  Rural Nevada adds to that value through: lower land costs, lower building costs, lower labor costs, low cost rural development loans, and a high quality of life.    We located the Lincoln Business Center in Lincoln County, Nevada because it delivers the “Rural Advantage,” has a high quality of life, and is less than 2 hours from Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. 

    The Lincoln Business Center is in a "Hub Zone," which affords business that locate here special benefits in doing business directly, or indirectly, with the U.S. Federal Government.   

    As a bonus for locating a business in the Lincoln Business Center, the “Rural Advantage” allows a foreign owner to obtain a “green card” for his/her immediate family by locating a business here for investments of only $500,000 USD!    See more at the Investor Visa page.

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