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                     Our Investor Visa Program

    Toreson Industries has a program for foreign investors that are interested in obtaining a “green card” for them and their immediate family by investing in their own business, or in other businesses in the Lincoln Business Center.   The investment required for this program is only $500,000! 

    This program exploits the"immigrant investor" program of the Federal Government, which is referred to as "EB-5."      Upon acceptance by the Federal Government of the investors EB-5 petition, the investor will get a temporary “green card” and then after about two years the investor’s temporary green card will be made permanent if the business is successful.   Information on the EB-5 immigrant investor program can be found on the U.S. Federal Government website at investor visa
.    This official website includes a description of the program, the steps involved in getting the temporary and permanent green card, and the forms that are required for each step of the process.    We have support to complete your application.

    Our program includes support in the making out the application and managing the process required in the EB-5 program.   In addition, we help you aquire, or develop, a business that would qualify for this program.  

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