A Toreson Industries Property

                    The Lincoln Business Center

                       "Your Total Business Site Solution"

        The Lincoln Business Center is a development of Toreson Industries, Inc., a Nevada corporation founded in 1983. We are a diversified, venture management firm, located in Southern Nevada, having investments in technology, real property, and energy.

        The Lincoln Business Center accommodates a diverse mix of uses including retail, office, commercial, manufacturing and distribution.    We have expertise in establishing a wide variety of business facilities and operations and are ready to deliver a custom solution for your business facility or operation, on-time and within budget.

        Our buildings use state-of-the-art technologies in real property development including "Green" buildings that are powered by utility-scale solar farms using the latest solar technology.

        We are confident that we can provide the best value for your business facilities and operations.   We can do this because of our high quality and low costs in the key areas of: land, construction, labor, workforce housing, and energy.   This value is complemented by high quality of life that provides a "back to nature" lifestyle for your employees.

        Other benefits to locating a the Lincoln Business Center are in the follow pages.   Contact our headquarters for a specific solution to meet your needs.


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